Sync an Outlook Live mail account to an (ICS) Android device

Ok, I did this topic before, for Froyo, but another year has come and gone, and Android has continued to evolve. Here is the low-down on the latest wide-spread iteration of the platform. If you have purchased a new device within the past few months, hopefully you did your homework and it has “Ice Cream Sandwich” installed. This particular how-to was created with a Samsung Galaxy S3, which uses Touchwiz. Touchwiz is the suite of graphical and UI enhancements that Samsung layers on top of their Android devices. But, touchwiz aside, these settings themselves, if not the complete instructions, should apply across various devices. If you are using a different phone, some of the screens and/or settings may simply appear or be named slightly differently. If these instructions don’t apply to you at all, try the old Froyo post, HERE.

  1. Open Settings. This is usually done with the Menu hard/soft key. From there, select Accounts and sync
  2. Select Add account
  3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  4. Enter your full email address and Password here. You can try Next, but you may as well hit Manual setup instead, since that is where you are going to end up…
  5. Change Domain\user name so that the field contains your email address. Populate the Exchange server field with your server, following the steps here. Dismiss the keyboard, if needed, with the back button and hit next.
  6. If you accept, Accept
  7. Wait while your settings are verified
  8. Click OK on the Remote Administration prompt
  9. Configure your sync settings
  10. If you are afraid of big brother (MS and/or the company you work for) having control over your device, including and not limited to the ability to remotely wipe all data on it, you should cancel. Otherwise, Activate!

Note: If you choose cancel on that last screen, you will continually be nagged by a reminder in the status bar to give Big Brother access until you A) cave in, or B) remove the account, here.

~ by Jay P Morgan on August 23, 2012.

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