Install Windows Live Essentials 2012 offline

Windows Live Essentials, or WLE for short, is the software bundle that Microsoft offers as a free add-in to Microsoft Windows which enables simple media management and creation tools, notably Photo Gallery, and Movie Maker. Previous versions also included Live Mesh/Sync, but this has been deprecated in favor of SkyDrive with recent versions. Note, installing WLE 2012 will remove any existing installation of Windows Live Mesh in favor of SkyDrive. The functionality is slightly different, so verify that this is really what you want.

Enough intro. If you want to download and install WLE on a single, internet-connected machine, you can simply follow this link: WLE 2012 Home and let the web-based installer do the work. But, what if you want to install on one or more computers that are not connected to the internet, or want to script the installation. The web-based installation does not allow for picking and choosing components for installation in a scripted enterprise environment. For that, you need to download the (carefully hidden by MS, it seems) full installer here:

WLE 2012 Offline

Scroll down to English, or the applicable language, and you are then able to download the off-line installer “wlsetup-all.exe”

By default, this installs all components with a GUI-based routine. To script the installation, take note of the following switches:

/AppSelect:[app you wish to install],[other app to install],[etc]
/noceip -- don't participate in the customer experience program
/nohomepage -- don't reset the homepage
/nolaunch -- don't immediately launch components after install
/nomu -- no msupdate
/nosearch -- don't mess with the search settings
/notoolbarceip -- toolbar ceip
/silent -- don't bug me, just install

There are other switches as well, but those are the most useful, IMO
Example, to install Photo Gallery and Movie Maker only, in a streamlined fashion:

wlsetup-all.exe /AppSelect:PhotoGallery,MovieMaker /noceip /nohomepage /nolaunch /nomu /nosearch /notoolbarceip /silent

One other caveat: The new version of Movie Maker requires DirectX 10 or higher. Sooooo, if you need Movie Maker working, you should check your hardware first. Run dxdiag within windows (or use dxdiag /? for switches) and look for the DDI Version of your display device. If this is < 10, Movie Maker will not run without new hardware, or at least a newer driver.

~ by Jay P Morgan on August 22, 2012.

3 Responses to “Install Windows Live Essentials 2012 offline”

  1. Trying to install Movie maker, only and getting notified on running it that there isn’t enough of a graphics card or drivers out of date; Have run Dxdiag and DDI version is 10.1. i am just trying the install movie maker only string you have there…

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Between your instructions and’s Wayback Machine, I was able to get the setup after resetting my PC and not noticing the January 10, 2017 end-of-life/end-of-download for WLE (I use Photo Gallery and love it!).

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