Apple Learning Tour

First impression? Apple puts on a nice spread. Everyone gets an iPad to use for the day, plus a small thumbdrive and set of earbuds. I started out typing this post on the iPad, but quickly switched back to my Droidx. I don’t like typing on that iPad screen. It is too big to lend itself to quick thumb-typing, and the lack of tactile feedback makes normal, two-hand typing nearly impossible. And, alas, no Swype.  About to begin the first actual IT session. More later!

Ok, I was pleasantly surprised. Clearly, even in the IT track, this is a sales presentation much more than an educational experience. Apple wants us to see just how great and user-friendly their tech is. And it is exactly that. Of course, having been to the rodeo before, I came prepared and armed with a list of questions I’ve been grappling with, prepared to assault the nearest Apple SE. I’m not here to be sold-to, I’m here to learn something useful. Well, the two engineers (Scott Kline and Cam Miller) presenting the session were definitely knowledgeable, and took my “bio-break” questions in-stride. Definitely more than the typical evangelist “engineers” some vendors throw at you during these events. Questions answered, limitations (refreshingly) acknowledged. Hey, *****Soft and D***! Take notes, please.

~ by Jay P Morgan on January 20, 2011.

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