Enterasys Powa!

Well, we are officially an Enterasys house now.  We replaced our core, the switches in our datacenter, and switches/gbics in several other locations.  We still have Nortel gear at several sites, some of which is quite new, but it is just a matter of time until it all gets refreshed.  Enterasys is smart to offer us some huge trade-in credits.  There is no going back now!
All-in-all it went pretty well.  We had some hiccups, however.  Our ISA/M86 filtering configuration caused some issues, and we still have one Nortel switch hanging off the Enterasys gear in our datacenter just to support our ISA and r3000 boxes.  Nortel can do one-way filtering, whereas the Enterasys C5 cannot.  No one saw that one coming.  Brad did a feature request, so hopefully they will get that fixed soon, and Robin is trying to cook up an alternative solution so that we can get rid of that 55xx switch for good.  They are still working on getting our Nortel guest wireless solution to work again.  For some reason that conked out before/during the upgrade.  No one really uses it, so it is hard to say which…
One part still hasn’t arrived, so there are a couple of sites that can’t be connected.  Fortunately, due to the construction at those sites, they can’t be connected anyway, yet.  But that module better get here quick.  How long does it take to get a package from Ireland?  Did they ship via carrier pigeon?
The usual pains, I suppose.  Nothing we specifically expected, but you always expect something to go wrong…
Thanks to Brad and Robin for all of your hard work.  Looking forward to getting our brains pulverized next week.

~ by Jay P Morgan on July 8, 2010.

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